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Classic Floor Tiles, Teraso and Cement Mixture

Tiles made from cement mixture with colors motif design still be productive in Jogjakarta (Tegel Kunci), Indonesia (first image). While, at the second image is floor using Tegel terrazzo with the motif have been no production activity again in Indonesia. This Tegel terrazzo applies terrazzo stone color as the notching motif. This floor material type returns exist and often used by the architects for experiment by combining the new floor material with stripper floor material, like combination of marble floor with the Tegel tiles motif colors.

Pabrik Tegel dan Beton Kunci, Jogjakarta.

Heritage building in Bintaran village, Jogjakarta.

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  4. Naffa Says:

    Mas , aku lagi cari , tegel motif kuno … dimana ya di daerah surabaya ? bisa bantu ? please yaa…

  5. kartika Says:

    saya ingin menanyakan untuk pembelian atau pemesanan ubin kunci dimana?terima kasih

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