The Beetle Insect

Life has colors and taste. Life always evolution and grows. Life is being and all evolution its contents accommodates to going concern life. This photograph is about insect which has been died. All inner organs have been gone. Possibly is dead because the age or maybe this insect type experiences commutation of skin, (I don’t […]

shoes flower

The beauty of “shoe flower” has remained his trademark. This flower is called “interest because of its flexible shoes such as the graceful shape of shoes. The bright colors with a stigma that stuck out to make this flower has a distinctive and enduring characteristics. Forms of hanging down is often used as a concept […]

A New Born

Birth of a renewal of life. A new-born things are usually funny, beautiful, clear, still empty and fun to be seen with the naked eye. The effect of birth is happiness. Birth not only applies to living creatures, but in many ways. Something new is created and can be referred to as births. Like the […]

Beloved Dog

Her name is Bul-bul, a dog that always accompany and loyal to their owners. This animal is an inspiration and an overview of loyalty toward his fellow creatures of God. The identity of human beings as the supreme creation of God should be able to produce work that is useful for others and a picture […]


Tenderness has the impression of peace, prosperity, harmony. Bright colors and soft, making an impression cheerful and lux. The composition of natural colors is offering a million flavor that sometimes can not be described in words, but applied to those feelings into a form can only be said to be impregnated and beautiful as well […]

White Color Sense

The color is beautiful, clean colors that give the feeling of peace. The white color has a neutral character and elegance as the base color. The white color provides a spectacular composition made ​​as if the point spot on the field of our pictures or in the design field. Great beautiful white color we can […]

Beloved Dog Boris

His name is Boris, crossbreed dogs are brave and very funny. Its like a little boy and very understand jia must accompany his loyalty as a guard house. Chase the rats in the kitchen, playing with the mop slippers and carrying away the inhabitants of the house is his penchant for simply invites us to […]