Terace Ola

Owner : Eriko Design By: Riyanto Yosapat Contractor : Mr. Maryono Photographer: Riyanto Yosapat ( Project Finish in november, 2008, Yogyakarta ) Related Posts:Water SculptureWall to be FrameCara membuat pondasi / umpak pada tiang kayu menjadi antik dan natural.Traditional TerraceMy Grandfather House

Classic Floor Tiles, Teraso and Cement Mixture

Tiles made from cement mixture with colors motif design still be productive in Jogjakarta (Tegel Kunci), Indonesia (first image). While, at the second image is floor using Tegel terrazzo with the motif have been no production activity again in Indonesia. This Tegel terrazzo applies terrazzo stone color as the notching motif. This floor material type […]

Architectural Hotels

Method of design with concept strategy is very important for designer when they make a new design. Architect is a designer majoring this things as a medium to develop the ideology becomes a notching which can be application into perfection form. One of example is when an architect making a new project of hotel, there […]

My Grandfather House

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Geometry Structure at Pecinan Kranggan –Yogyakarta–

This Building has six floors and it is included in history of building in the city of Yogyakarta. This building situation bunch up with located “Keranggan” market in Poncowinatan Street. This is Historical Building with combination of design between art deco and Pecinan city that gift special character for this area. The Building Proportion form […]

natural lighting

The universe gives a lot of things we can learn. Nature provides spectacular examples of design in order to add our imagination in the work. Shape, color, composition, lighting, lay-outs and many other things already available in the world. Humans should be smarter to use it as inspiration to produce something in the form of […]

Wall to be Frame

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Water Sculpture

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small VW

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